Science Policy

ICRO’s Science Policy

In all cases, the interests of developing countries receive top priority. The participation of developing countries in ICRO’s activities provide complementary advantages. The attendance of some of their young scientists in high level “sophisticated” training courses, side by side with colleagues of wealthier countries helps assimilate them into the scientific community. At the same time, holding a course in their own country tends to boost local scientific activity and to reinforce the prestige – and hopefully the funding – of the host institution.
It is important to abolish the gap between instructors and trainees and stimulate the participation of all biologists, especially those far from the main centers of the industrialized world. By so doing, ICRO courses contribute to the training and maintenance of a pool of competent people in those countries, who are ready to help solve great problems of scientific, agricultural, economic or sanitary development.

“I came in with an unfocused background in stem cells and am leaving with a newfound passion for aging research. Thanks for helping me learn so much in the span of just a week” – Alumnus